Storage Solutions

Preppers are always looking for various storage solutions for all their preps. Whether they live in an old farmhouse built in the 1700s that leaks like a sieve or in a single-wide mobile home, storage for preps is vital. Not everyone can afford to have an entire room, or even better yet an entire basement or outbuilding (heated and air conditioned) for just storage.

Not only is it a matter of keeping long term storage food at the optimal temperature to preserve long-term quality, but it just storing all those things that are the first to disappear after a disaster, which includes:

  • Toilet paper (for how long?!!)
  • Nails
  • Diapers (cotton of course)
  • Medicine (OTC and prescription)
  • Canning lids
  • School supplies (don’t want your kids growing up ignorant)
  • Car repair parts
  • Tools (non-electric)
  • Feed
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • …and on and on and on…

Without ample room, storage solutions are often a topic of discussion on the groups and forums. Here are just a few of the storage solutions that have been used and recommended by those BTDT preppers.

Just finished my latest storage solution. I wanted to post it in case someone else might be able to use the idea. Or maybe someone already has in which case I apologize for being repetitive. In the bedroom I have one of those round 3 legged tables you put a floor length tablecloth on. I took off the legs, and went and bought a plastic trash can that was a hair smaller than the diameter of the wood/glass top and close to the same height. The trash can of course is completely hidden by the skirt but boy does it hold a lot. – L.


In the closets, behind the clothes, you can stack things up against the wall. Maybe even some shallow shelves behind the clothes. I have limited space also so you just have to get creative. A old trunk or wicker basket coffee table. Look around your home for places you might be able to stick one of those particle board cabinets with the doors.


I bought 3 at Home Depot, two at the end of the hall and one in the laundry room. One is only 12" deep and the other two are about 15" deep and only 25" wide, so they don't use up a lot of floor space but hold a lot.. Things that aren't heat sensitive like dry goods, sugar, pasta, dry beans, honey, etc. can do okay in a garage. Just store them low to the floor. If the floor is concrete it actually stays some what cool near the floor even if the air temp is high. One thing I haven't done but have thought about is under the house. Maybe create a cinder block enclosed space, like 4' by 4' area and store some things in there. We just have a crawl space but if it was near the entrance to the crawl space and some how enclosed to keep things from getting into it. Just something I've thought about. – L.

End Table Storage Solutions

I have some "end tables" made by stacking boxes of storage foods and covering them with a fabric "table cloth". I hardly remember they are there some times. – C.


I do store things under the beds and in closets. It's all hidden so anyone just walking in the door won't know what or how much is here. There are all kinds of spaces available to hide things. Take the bottom drawer out of your dresser. Most have wasted space down there - enough for a couple cases of canned goods (or ammo or whatever). I also put a second shelf in my utility room over the one that was already there. It's a pain to get to but it's not something that needs accessed on a daily basis. – C.P.

Other storage solutions include:

  • Cheap Storage - prepping on a budget almost always includes cheap storage ideas
  • Pit Storage - in parts of the country digging a pit for storage is a great way to store...
  • 5-Gallon Buckets - A first foray into long term food storage using the 5-gallon buckets

Do you have some storage solutions that you are using or that you've heard about that work for you? If so, share them with us, and if you're a website owner, we'll be glad to provide a reciprocal link to your website. 


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