Walking Bug Out Transport

A walking bug out transport is really more of a hand or foot-operated wheeled device that you can use to transport yourself or your supplies.

I've collected a couple two-wheeled luggage carts that can serve as a walking bug out vehicle in a bug out situation where a motor vehicle may not be feasible (no gas,post emp etc.) I could load a lot of stuff on one of those carts and push or pull them along.

I also found a larger type of two-wheeled cart that's primarily for use at the beach or for laundry. It's about 3 times as big as a regular luggage cart and has a mesh sack that hangs from the top.

In a pinch I could push the smaller hand cart and pull the larger one. I could probably also rig some kind of "harness" around my waist so it could be pull hands-free. – CLH

In a bug out situation on foot a wheel barrow would work too. Also my husband has a deer cart for hauling out of the woods. It's easy to handle. Also, don't forget about the kids wagons too. They can haul a lot of stuff too.   Another thing that would be good too is shopping carts. I have always thought about grabbing ones folks leave along the road here after they have pushed their groceries home. – D.

I have a couple of old golf bag carts, no bag, just a cart, if I need to leave on foot. - KK.

I've loaded a bunch of my stuff up in a wheeled bowling bag carrier. The inside is big enough for two bowling balls and it has an external zippered pouch for shoes & one for "necessities" like hand towels, rosin, etc. While it wouldn't stand up to a cross-country trek, it would be great for shorter bug-outs. I've seen these at local garage sales for $2. – G

Other Types of Walking Bug Out Transport

Almost anything that has wheels and can be pushed or pulled will be invaluable during a walking bug out.  I remember seeing photos of the refugees during the Vietnam War.  Many people were carrying what they could in packs on their backs, loaded on a bike...BIG loads on the bikes, hand carts and whatever they could drag, push or pull.

Another possibility.  If you have a large dog and can teach him/her to pull a wheeled cart or wagon.  Maybe even one of those bicycle trailers for hauling toddlers could actually be modified to be pulled by a dog. – CLH

I was in Sam's Club today and saw what looked like a cross between the rolling carts people buy to haul luggage through the air port and a dolly.  It was collapsible like the cart, but also had a ledge big enough to move large boxes on.  The pic on the front showed two large boxes and some type of bag I think.  Anyway, it was made to move large amounts of weight considerable distances easily.  – KL


A Harness for Towing a Walking Bug Out Transport

If you can't pull due to an arm weakness or because you want your hands free, some kind of "towing" harness around the waist could be developed allowing the handcart, wagon or other walking bug out vehicle to be towed from behind, leaving the hands free. – CLH

Be sure that the harness is long enough that you don't get your heels caught up in the cart while pulling it. – J in S

And it should have a solid or stiff arm attaching the cart to the harness, otherwise when you go downhill, the cart could roll forward and run you over. – CLH

You might be able to rig a bike break for the carts or a  downhill drag. - CW

In some of the PAW fiction I've been reading lately, I've learned about game carts. After reading how they were used as a walking bug out vehicle, I did some research. The price for game carts start at about $100 and goes up from there. The average weight that a game cart can haul is about 300 pounds. So that might be something to consider if you believe you may be faced with a walking bug out.


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